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SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition 2019 in Tokyo Result

1st Prize “Grand Prix” 第1位 3グループ

グループ名:Cong Quartet
Francis Yiu-Ting Chik(Vl)
Martin Tzu-Ming Kuo(Vl)
Yan-Ho Cheng(Vc)
Caleb Wong(Vla)
グループ名:Sourire Trio
石黒 龍一(Pf) Ryuichi Ishiguro
菊川 穂乃佳(Vl) Honoka Kikukawa
田上 史奈(Vc) Fumina Tagami
尾崎 有飛(Pf) Yuhi Ozaki

ザルツブルク=モーツァルト国際室内楽コンクール in Tokyo 2019審査結果発表日のお知らせ

ザルツブルク=モーツァルト国際室内楽コンクール in Tokyo 2019審査結果は、
We will announce the results of Salzburg =Mozart Internatiolnal Music Competition in Tokyo 2019 on March 27, Wednesday on our website.

(日本語) ザルツブルク=モーツァルト国際室内楽コンクール2018 in Tokyo 入賞者 コンサート

ザルツブルク=モーツァルト国際室内楽コンクール2018 in Tokyo 入賞者 コンサートが
株式会社ヤマハミュージックリテイリング 名古屋店の主催にて開催されます。
【日時】2019年3月22日(金)開演:19:00 (開場18:30)
【料金】一般3,500円/会員*3,000円/学生2,500円 *会員:ヤマハミュージック名古屋店・小牧店 ピアノ指導者の会/jetヤマハミュージック愛知支部/ヤマハミュージック名古屋店・小牧店 講師/日本ピアノ教育連盟(JPTA)、全日本ピアノ指導者協会(PTNA)
【定員】100名 全席自由*要予約 *未就学児の入場はご遠慮願います。
【出演】Zephyr Quartet
・才加志 美優(ヴァイオリン)
・新井 千晶(ヴァイオリン)
・岡本 紗季(ヴィオラ)
・大田原 聖(チェロ)
W.A. Mozart/Streichquartett Nr.3 G-dur K.156
W.A. モーツァルト/弦楽四重奏曲第3番 ト長調 作品156
L.v. Beethoven/Streichquartett Nr.10 Es-dur Op.74 ”Harfe”
L.v. ベートーヴェン/弦楽四重奏曲第10番 変ホ長調 作品74 「ハープ」

ヤマハ名古屋ホール 〜ランチタイムコンサート〜

2019年3月22日(金)にヤマハ名古屋ホールでランチタイムコンサート 〜室内楽の名旋律〜が開催されます。
【日時】2019年3月22日(金)開演:11:45 (開場11:15)
【場所】ヤマハ名古屋ホール(名古屋市中区錦1-18-28 ヤマハ名古屋ビル8F)
【定員】100名 全席自由*要予約 *未就学児の入場はご遠慮願います。
【出演】ニコラ・ルーツェヴィチ(チェロ}、三谷 温(ピアノ)、板倉 竹香(ヴァイオリン)
ブラームス/ヴァイオリン・ソナタト長調 Op.78 より第1楽章
ラフマニノフ/チェロ・ソナタ ト短調 Op.19より 第3楽章
ブラームス/ピアノ三重奏曲第1番 ロ長調 Op.8より第1楽章

ニコラ・ルーツェヴィチ&三谷 温 室内楽公開レッスン
【場所】ヤマハ名古屋ホール(名古屋市中区錦1-18-28 ヤマハ名古屋ビル8F)
【講師】ニコラ・ルーツェヴィチ(チェリスト・ノーステキサス大学教授}、三谷 温(ピアニスト・昭和音楽大学教授)
TEL:052-201-5194 FAX:052-201-5726
<営業時間>10:30〜19:00 <定休日>毎週火曜日






音楽を通じて青少年の健全な育成と、地域活性化に貢献・寄与することを目的とし、2012年に設立。現在、3才〜16 才までの子ども達30人が在籍し、とかちプラザで毎週土曜日に練習しています。年1回の成果発表会のほか、学校、保育園、障碍者・高齢者施設等への出張演奏も積極的に行っています。指導には、ヴァイオリニストの和光憂⼈、板倉竹香、ピアニスト長尾祟人 他に有志の音楽家、教育者があたっています。また毎年、世界的なチェリストでノーステキサス大学教授のニコラ・ルーツェヴィチ氏の指導を受けるほか、著名な演奏家が活動に賛同し指導に訪れています。本年3月には、イ・ムジチ合奏団のマッシモ・パリス氏の指導を受けました。

お問合せ: TEL:070-5584-5208(とかちっこストリングオーケストラ事務局)、

SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Tokyo

SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Tokyo is
to discover great talented ensembles and give them the opportunities to expose themselves at world numerous venues.

All 1st -3rd Prize winners receive Tokyo Debut Concert at Yamaha Ginza Concert Salon
Additional prizes include:
• Concert in Mai Festival, Rellingen, Germany
• UNT Summer String Institute Concert as the Guest Artists

March 12 (Mon), 2018
March 14 (Wed), 2018
March 22 (Thu), 2018
• Time to be announced in the beginning of March, 2018
• Open to the public (Admission Fee: 1,000 Yen)

YAMAHA Ginza, Concert Salon
7-9-14 6th Floor Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0061

Nikola Ruzevic -Cello, United States
Massimo Paris -Viola, Italy
Kazuko Ninomiya –Clarinet, Japan
On Mitani -Piano, Japan

Youth Category: All members must be age 12 – 17 as of January 1, 2018
General Category: No age limit

February 28, 2018

26,000 JPY/ group

• Applicants must submit 10-20 minutes music including the works of Mozart and may be asked to perform selections from this.
• If there is no original Mozart works in applicants’ instrumentation, they do not have to perform Mozart.
• Applicants can perform transcription works
• Include only complete movements or complete works (no excerpts)

υ Strings
Violin (Vn), Viola (Vla), Cello (Vc), Double Bass (Cb), Lute (Lu), Mandolin (Mand), Guitar (Gt), Harp (Hp)
υ Woodwind
Flute (Fl), Alto Flute (A.Fl), Bass Flute (B.Fl), Oboe (Ob), English Horn (E.Hr), Basset Horn (B.Hr), Clarinet (Cl), E Flat Clarinet (Es.Cl), Bass Clarinet (B.Cl), Bassoon (Fg), Contra Bassoon (C.Fg), Soprano Saxophone (S.Sax), Alto Saxophone (A.Sax), Tenor Saxophone (T.Sax,) Baritone Saxophone (B.Sax)
υ Brass 
Horn (Hr), Trumpet (Tp), Cornet (Cort), Flugel Horn (F.Hr), Trombone (Tb), Tenor Trombone (T.Tb), Bass Trombone (B.Tb), Euphonium (Euph), Tuba (Tub)
υ Others
Glass Harmonica (G.Har), Vocals EXCEPT FOR Vocal and Piano ensemble only * 
*Vocal and instrumental Ensemble (Strings, Winds and Piano) is accepted.

◆ Duo: Piano Duet EXCEPT FOR 2 Pianos, String Duo (Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass and Piano); Woodwind Duo (Flute/Clarinet/Oboe/Bassoon /Saxophone and Piano); Brass Duo (Horn/ Trumpet /Trombone/Tuba and Piano) etc.
◆ Trio: Piano Trio, Flute Trio, Horn Trio, String Trio, Woodwind Trio, Brass Trio, etc.
◆Quartet: Piano Quartet, Flute Quartet, Oboe Quartet, String Quartet, Woodwind Quartet, Brass Quartet, Saxophone Quartet, etc.
◆ Quintet: Piano Quintet, Clarinet Quintet, Horn Quintet, Glass Harmonica Quintet, String Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet, etc.
◆ Sextet to Decet

Please contact contact@mit-on.com if you have questions about the application process.


SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition
E-mail: contact@mit-on.com Tel:SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition 2018tional Chamber Music Competition 2018 in Tokyo

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Arts International Music course 2018 in Japan Hokkaido

Hokkaido in early spring, silence wrapped in nature · · ·
A wonderful moment when playing music, staring at yourself and talking with your friends …

From elementary school students to music students, violists, cellists, pianists, pianist leaders, and all those who love music

【Period】From March 16 (Fri) to 21 (Wed) , 2018: 6 days and 5 nights ※ We will shorten / extend the attendance schedule. Please contact us.
【Accommodation · Seminar Venue】 Nakasatsunai Rural Vacation Village Feriendorf Other
【Lesson Course】 Piano, Viola, Cello, Chamber Music, Piano Leader, First Chamber Music Course (Newly Installed)

※ “I have newly established a chamber music course for the first time.
We will learn the basics of chamber music ‘s enjoyment and chamber music while playing with professional musicians.
We will propose the tune of the course with reference to the performance level of solo songs.
Examples of songs to be taken: Mozart: Violin Sonata, Saint-Saëns: “Swan”, Beethoven: Cello · Sonata etc.

●Nikola Ruzevic (Croatia · USA) Cello / Cello · Chamber music / Chamber music
●Massimo Paris (Italy) Viola / Viola · Chamber music / Chamber music
●On Mitani (Japan) Piano / Piano · Chamber Music / Chamber Music · Piano Playing Method · Teaching Method
Lecturer profile is here

● Lesson time is 45 minutes.
※ If you wish to take a trio lesson, it will cost extra, please do not hesitate to consult us.

* Ensemble inexperienced people are welcome as well. Please do not hesitate to attend.

Inquiries from here

We will shorten and extend the application schedule. Please contact us.
All lessons will be one to one.

Application from here

Accommodation · Seminar Venue: Nakasatsunai Rural Vacation Village Feriendorf Other
〒 089-1368 Kasai-gun, Nakasatsunai-mura Minamitokiwa East 4 sen TEL 81-155-68-3301 FAX 81-155-68-3223
http: //www.zenrin.ne.jp

Participation fee
Basic tuition fee: 88,000 JPY / 4 lessons included. Additional lessons are also available (cost extra).

Application fee 10,000 JPY (We do not refund anything by cancellation etc. separately)
Accommodation pack 45,000 JPY (14 meals included · Interior of a village Movement fee · Exercise room fee included, Tokachi Obihiro Airport = Nakasatsunai village round trip expense)

Application deadline: February 14, 2014 (however, it will be closed on first come first served basis, starting date of starting, or when it becomes available on a course basis)

The assembly / dissolution is Tokachi Obihiro Airport 1F. The arrangement and expenses between your home and Tokachi Obihiro Airport will be borne by you. If it is difficult to arrange yourself, please inform the secretariat. We will be happy to assist you with arrangements. ※ We may change the time depending on the weather etc. relationship, Please be forewarned.
For those who applied, we will inform you about transportation by service by flight.
● Students are free of charge.
● For those who wish to accompany such as parents, attendance course fee and accommodation pack expenses are required.
● Baggage restrictions apply when bringing instruments into an aircraft. Please confirm from here and comply with each one. JAL (Japan Airlines) http://www.jal.co.jp/dom/service/instrument/

If you wish to participate individually in the chamber music course, please select the desired song from the work list and notify the secretariat.
● In the case of sonatas and variations, excerpts of movement and variations are also possible. Anyone regardless of age, experience, etc.
But you can take classes. Mozart / Piano Sonatas (Sonatine) C Major Keynote It is recommended that those who can play piano songs of about K.545 are selected from works marked with *. Please feel free to inquire about the degree of difficulty of the course you are taking.

Chamber Music Course · Main repertoire for the pianist who wants to play with the strings professor.

【Works for Violin and Piano】
The following is the main tune. After the lecturer has been decided, detailed music will be posted.
Mozart: All Violin Sonatas (* K.296 * K.301 * K.304, etc.)
Beethoven: All Violin Sonatas
Brahms: All Violin Sonatas
Frank: Violin Sonata etc.
* Pieces for Violin and Piano (masterpieces collection) Other, please inquire
【Works for Viola and Piano】
Brahms:Viola Sonata No.1 in F minor Op.120-1
Brahms:Viola Sonata No.2 in E flat major Op.120-2
Schuman:Märchenbilder Op.113
Schubert : Arpeggione Sonata D.821
Brahms : Scherzo from FAE Sonata
Shostakovich : Viola Sonata Op.147
【Works for Cello and Piano】
Beethoven: All Cello Sonatas
Brahms: All Cello Sonatas
Schumann: Fantasiestucke
Chopin: Cello Sonata
Shostakovich: Cello Sonata
Kabalevsky: Cello Sonata etc.
Other, please contact us.
“Recommended songs for those who collaborate with cello for the first time”
Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 2 in G minor, 1st mov.
Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 2 in G minor, 2nd mov.
Chopin: Cello Sonata 3rd mov.
Mendelssohn: Cello Sonata No. 2 in D Major, Op. 58 2nd mov.
Gaspard Cassado: Reqiebros
Fauré: Elegie
Romberg: Cello Sonata
Kleengel: Cello Sonata
* Pieces for Cello and Piano (masterpieces collection) Other, please contact us.
【Piano Trio】
Haydn: Piano Trios
Mozart: Piano Trios
Beethoven: Piano Trios
Mendelssohn: Piano Trios, etc.
Other, please contact us.

Application / Inquiry
Website: mit-on.com FAX: 81-3-5539-3654 E-mail contact@mit-on.com

The Arts International Music Seminar (formerly the Upbeat Spring International Music Festival Seminar) is the 14th time this time. We will enrich the content, make it easier to attend, and carry out various initiatives to become more encouraging.
• Yamaha Ginza Chamber Music Salon Concert series appearance screening can be taken during Yamaha Ginza store during the period. This concert series is a chamber music concert series by Salzburg-Mozart International Chamber Music Competition winners and others.

Application from here

Organized by Arts Spread
Co-sponsored: Arts Spread Nakasatsunai Village Executive Committee
Sponsorship / cooperation: Sonare Co., Ltd., Yamaha Ginza store
Sponsor: Nakasatsunai Village Board of Education (pending)

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