SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition in Tokyo 《YouTube Video》 Instructions for video-taping and submission

SALZBURG=MOZART International Chamber Music Competition in Tokyo 《YouTube Video》

Instructions for video-taping and submission

If you are competing in one of the below categories, this page will provide you with the guidelines for recording and submitting a video:

  • Both live performance format and YouTube video format in Piano Solo division for the preliminary round
  • YouTube video entry format in Piano Solo division for the final round
  • YouTube video format in Chamber Music division

Important notes during video taking are provided at the end, so please read through.

Procedures for recording and submitting a video using YouTube◆ 

It is very easy to submit your video!


1. Video record your performance with a device such as your cellphone.
2. Upload the video on YouTube with ‘limited access’ setting (make sure to choose this setting).

3. Send the link to the competition organizer,

Steps to upload your video When using an iPhone. Similar process should apply to PC or Android

  1. Create a Google account if you do not have one.
  2. Login with your Google account.
  3. Choose a video camera icon on top of the YouTube screen.    
  4. Click ‘next’ button.
  5. With ‘privacy’ setting, choose the limited access option. Click ‘upload’ on the top.
  6. When the upload is complete, the list of uploaded videos will be displayed. Choose the one you would like to submit to the competition.
  7. The video will start playing. Make sure it is the right one.
  8. When the video finished playing, click ‘Share’.
  9. Within the Share screen, select to ‘Copy’; the link to your video will be copied on the clipboard.

※Select ‘Email‘ will open an email with a URL pasted on the mail.

  1. Paste the link in the email to the competition organizer,

If you encounter difficulties, please google ‘YouTube help’.

YouTube upload HELP (Google)

Tips in regards to uploading videos on YouTube are readily found on the Internet.

《Guidelines when video-taping and submitting the video》

  1. In your email, please be sure to mention the division you are competing and your assigned competition number in the subject line. In the context, please write down the name of the contestant (that of the representative member if you are participating in Chamber division) and the assigned competition number. If you fail to follow these, your application could become invalid.
  2. Recording: For those you are participating in Piano solo live performance category, for the preliminary round please submit a performance that was recorded within the past year (preliminary round is with video entries only). For those who are participating in YouTube video format, there is no restrictions as to when the performance took place.
  3. Make sure that the video captures your face(s) – either front or sideview) and hands. It is not necessary to capture the whole instrument (e.g. the edge of the piano). As much as possible, videos should allow the jurors to see the body(bodies) and movements (e.g. pedaling) of the performer. For chamber or duet performances, it is acceptable for the face of the performer who positions toward the back of the group not be clearly shown in the video.
  4. There is no restrictions in regards to the brand/model of the videoing equipment to be used and location.
  5. After the video is taken, please do not edit any, except possible cutting of the scenes before and after the actual playing. If contestant(s) break this rule, their participation may be terminated.
  6. The submitted videos will not be used for any other matters than the judging in this competition.
  7. If you have multiple video recording for the same category you are competing, please combine them and submit single URL.